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I have an interview at a local university for the position of assistant professor. I plan on wearing a suit, is that too stuffy? What questions should I ask and I have to present a 15 minute presentation on a nursing issue- any suggestions?


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No, a suit isn't too stuffy. An Instructor should look professional to interview. I can't suggest what to do--when I did one for a medical assisting school, I did bloodborne pathogens--something sorely neglected in this field by entirely too many healthcare workers--and got the job. Pick a topic you're passionate about. My brother died from AIDS contracted in a hospital he'd worked at 20 years ago.

As I'm sure you'll remember from when you were in school--mnemonics are great teaching tools--use at least one in your presentation would be my suggestion. Something to help students remember information easier.

I've been an instructor for almost 15 years. It's important to keep your audience engaged, which is accomplished by using more than one method of presenting information. Use visual and auditory as well as hands-on if at all possible in your topic of choice.

For bloodborne pathogens, I explained the stats, etc--and had the fellow instructors practice putting on and taking off gloves properly, and proper handwashing technique. People tend to remember something they 'do' verses something they 'hear' has been my experience via years of teaching all different ages from pre-school to highschool to adult learners.



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Wear the suit!

Nursing issue: 1st year retention for new grads- obstacles and how to improve it. (Just my suggestion)

And stand tall. You'll be great.

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