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I have a job interview for a med/surg or ICU position. I am meeting with several directors. How do I convince them that I want to do med/surg pr ICU when my absolute dream job is OB? Don't get me wrong I really want a job at this hospital! It is near my home and it would be great to get back into the hospital after working in a prison for 6 months.

How do I assure them in a interview that I don't want to just use them as a "stepping stone"?

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But isn't that what you are going to do? You want them to spend a boat load of money on your training, and then you leave after a year?

IMO, I can't support that kind of behavior. I understand these other speciality areas require you to have med/surg training (and there is a reason for that) so you have to pay your dues on a med/surg floor and you then leave. It sucks for everyone involved.

I sit in on interviews where people are either very open about 'having' to spend time in Med/Surg to get to their dream job, or they try to lie their way into a position by pretending to be soooo excited about the med/surg floor. Let me tell you, you cannot really lie your way successfully into a job. Yeah, put on the suit, smile and spiff up the resume, but your attitude toward med/surg only being a stepping stone, shows itself eventually in how you care for pts. You are doing a job you do not enjoy. That does affect your co workers and your pts.

I'm not saying you would turn into some snarky, evil person, but I see it in people that really do not want to be there. They become frazzled easily, call in sick more often, whine about not being at their dream job, and reminding everyone that 'this is only a stepping stone'.

Don't med/surg pt's deserve nurses that really do want to take care of them?

Food for thought....

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That is quite rude of you to assume you know exactly what I am going to do. I worked in a prison for 6 months (which I didn't care for) and never missed a day of work. Who knows I might love med/surg and stay for years? I've always wanted to do OB but the fact is no one is going to hire a new grad into that speciality. And if I do leave that speciality after two years but stay in that hospital, then how is that wasting money on training me? I didn't say that med/surg was "only" a stepping stone, I just want to get hired and not give them the impression that I will use them as a stepping stone because that is not my intentions!

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Hey, you wanted opinions..

How do I convince them that I want to do med/surg pr ICU when my absolute dream job is OB? (this is your quote) Am I reading it wrong? Your absolute dream job....

Each floor usually ponies up the money for training. It comes from their budget. That's how it's always been at hospitals I have worked at. Maybe your dream hospital is different.

Of course there is no guarantee that people will stay on any floor...true. However, you come across as wanting to pull the wool over their eyes in order to get experience just so you can leave to your absolute dream job.

BTW, Kudos on your attendance at your correctional job.

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I got the job, thanks. :)

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