Job interview confused afterwards


Hi, this is my first time posting in here. I just received my LPN license in November. I have gone on 3 interviews. Today was my 3rd. It was at a nursing home. I did my research and was prepared. I felt like the interview went well. But I had some confusion because the DON seemed on the fence about giving me a chance with no experience because he says most new nurses are intimidated there. But, then he was saying he wanted me to work on getting IV cert. And he checked to see what shifts were available. He also requested a refer from my teacher and sent me back to the HR person and told her what he wanted me to get like reference and cpr. When I asked her how long will the process take she said if everything goes well and she talked to him she could have me working by next week. So now I'm confused because I felt like there were good parts or signs in the interview and some not so good parts (the intimidation factor) can someone give me some feedback with their opinions. THANKS

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I've never heard of a nursing home manager requesting references from the applicant's school of nursing. These places tend to be hard up for staff and usually hire people as long as they come in with an active nursing license and a pulse.