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So, I applied for many positions in two hospitals and one nursing home. This was like 2-3 weeks ago. I live over 58 miles away, however, I recently got an apartment, I get to move in on the 11th of August. Do you think if I start using my new address (which is in the city I plan to work/attend college) I'll have better luck?




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I think it is worth a shot. While this is not exactly similar, my boyfriend's mom does hiring in southern california for PA/NP's. The office is in Orange County. She has learned from experience that hiring someone from Riverside County, which would require a long commute (literally hours every day--with good traffic!) is a big risk because a long commute after a long day of work is so mentally discouraging. Also, the few routes into Orange County can become clogged with traffic accidents and delay everyone, so a new employee would have to be really determined in order to make it in on time. I don't know if traffic is as crazy where you live, but if I were you, I would put the closer address.