Job Hopping: What is it and How does it look?


I am considering leaving yet another job. This will be the second one in two years. If you saw this on a resume what would you say to me?

To be fair, I have been in two very different specialties. Long Term Care and Corrections.

I am considering Med/Surg or Home health. Any suggestions?

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If you are a new grad and you stayed at each job about a year, I would just figure you hadn't found your niche yet. Good luck. Have you determined what you didn't like about LTC and corrections? That would be a good place to start. If you like variety and just don't want to do the same thing over and over, then I would consider critical care or something else that might challenge you.

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A lot depends on the details you don't provide us. For example, are you leaving both jobs with positive recommendations from your employers? Can you show positive employee evaluations from those jobs? Are there special reasons that you left those jobs that suggest you are not likely to leave your 3rd job in a short period of time? A new employer will want to see evidence that you have been competent in your jobs and that you are not likely to leave your 3rd job so soon. What evidence can you provide?

Also, a lot depends on your local job market. If you live in an area where there is a great nursing shortage and where there is little competition for filling job openings, then you may have little problem finding another job. If you live in an area in which there is competition for the types of jobs that you seek, then you may have a harder time because of your job history.

It also depends on the type of job that you seek. Is it one that requires an extensive orientation? An employer might be hesitant to invest a lot in your orientation ... but will be more likely to give you a chance if you won't require an expensive orientation to bring you assure your competence.

It also depends on how you present yourself. If you can inspire confidence in your abilities and your committment to the new job ... or if you can't.

So ... in the end ... the answer is "It depends ..." but, I hope I have given you a few ideas you can use to better assess your personal situation.

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