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Job Fair

I went to a job fair today for one of the hospitals. It started from 8 am to 2 pm. I worked today but my boss allowed me to leave early at 12:30 pm. I got there by 1 o'clock and there was still applicants waiting in line. I had to fill out a card that asked all the general questions. It asked my name, what I was applying for, and how much experience I had. Thirty minutes went by and there were staffs from the hospital going to the basket where the cards were. I could hear them talking to each other that this will take a few hours. I was thinking in my head that I was going to definitely be there all day. Then there was this lady who took all the cards and walked around asking who has not been interviewed. I raised my hand, she asked my name. Once I gave her my name, she looked through the cards looking for mine. She finally found mine and she said, " you don't have experience?" She started to laugh. I really wanted to say something, I had to bite my tongue. I thought that was absolutely rude. She asked me to follow her and walked me to a room of other people. Other people getting interviewed. She pointed to go to "Sandi." Sandi asked me a few questions, which I felt like she liked my answers. But towards the end, she told me that they had a lot of candidates that already applied. So what does this mean? Does this mean I've wasted my time here and they were just being nice to me? I understand that I don't have experience. Don't we all have to start some where? I didn't appreciate that I got laughed at for not having experience. Is this the battle of trying to get a job in the medical field?

Strap on your big girl boots and keep it moving. You will encounter people like this whether you like it or not. All it takes is a positive attitude and perseverance to get to where you need to go. Stick it out :).

Thank you! I just felt a little offended by the laugh. The hospital's standards were to treat everyone: is a guest, and always demonstrate professionalism. I work at a hotel and I've been in the guest services for about 8 years and our standards are the same. I just didn't felt the two standards were met. But I will.get over it and move on forward. Thank you again!


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