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I just had someone contact me, presumably from my Monster Profile, asking me to interview for a Head Start Program Nurse position. I'm trying to find out in advance what the position is, and what my responsibilities might be. I'm in NYS and I'm curious what the pay *might* be like as well. Right now I'm a per diem school nurse and per diem maternal newborn nurse. I looked on the website of this potential employer and they don't even have the position posted yet. I've of course researched head start and googled for the position and the only real hit I found was someone from three years ago asking a specific question about Head Start.


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Hi, I am currently a Head Start Nurse and I love my job! I work with 3-5 year olds and my main role is to keep kids safe while in school and to follow the federal health requirements for Head Start. Its more like a case management form of nursing. You can google Head Start office and follow the links to the ECKLC website where you can find out more information about what the federal requirements are. I do everything from blood lead tests to hearing and vision exams to any acute situation as needed. Our program is in the school district so I travel to multiple schools for my job. Its great and very rewarding in that I am able to help get children care they normally wouldn't get! Let me know if you have any other questions!


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Thank you!! It's even in New York State! I feel a little less at sea. Now I can study for my interview and see where this leads me.

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How did your interview go? I am also interviewing for this same position title in NYS soon and I have no idea what to expect. As you mentioned, there is not a lot of information available, either.