2 job changes in 5 months, should I do another?

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I'm a registered nurse. I worked at a state run long term care facility (nursing home) for 3 years. It's a great place to work, has pension and great benefits but pay wasn't the greatest. About 5 months ago I left the facility because I wanted to get out of bedside nursing. At that time the facility did not have any open positions I wanted so I obtained a job out of state as a manager. I had the opportunity to try the job out before having to commit to moving my whole life just yet. I ended up absolutely hating the job and I resigned.

I decided to pursue my passion as an educator. I moved back to my original location and found a job as a nurse educator at another nice longterm care facility, meanwhile going back to the state run nursing home on a per diem basis (I pick up 2 shifts a month). The benefits at the place I'm at now are not great but I work with really nice people and there is no pension. I get paid really well though.

I got a call from the administrator (head honcho) at the state run facility and he wants me back. I told him if an educator position opened up I'd come back in a heartbeat. I really loved the state facility and have great relationships with the vast majority of the staff. It's far from perfect but still a great place.

My problem is that I just started working as an educator at this new facility 2 months ago and it would be a great loss for them if I left. They havent had one for over a year. COVID has changed so much in the healthcare field. The state run facility has an open position for an educator but I have reservations about applying for it because it might look bad that I job hopped so much in 5 months. Does it even matter if they are actively trying to recruit me back? I also make a fantastic salary where I am now. I would take a slight pay cut to go back but I'd have to negotiate that.

I'm just not sure what to do!! Can you guys give me some advice??


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I'm thinking your orig state-run facility! Just about everything seems pretty much equal and you liked it and they like you. That says a lot to me.

 I'm not sure how this works, but I believe there's a safe window-period for ex-employees to rehire and BUY BACK INTO THE PENSION SYSTEM. Without any penalty except to payback what you would've been paying anyway. Union protection; civil service benefits.

You don't have to give any reason for your decisions other than to PROTECT your civil service status would be worth it enough for me as good as any other explanation. Offer to stay on at the new NH in some 'designer' position where you can provide training like on weekends/holidays.

Nice when you have some decision wiggle room.

Good luck.