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job bouncing freind


while going through nursing school, I becaomes freinds witha gal who was quite smart- in fact I think she typically got in the high 90% for tests and grades for class work. During clinicals, she would have several questions on the hands on aspect of things- maybe bit more then for a typical student.

Graduation was over a year ago. Finding a job took slightly longer then for the rest of us. Since then I think she has gone through about 4 jobs. Once she was let go after a state inspection and found some issues with the place inculding some holes in her charting. the others seemed normal but on a temp basis. her current postion she says that she was hired to fill in for a person but now she is being replaced by the peson she replaced. the person had been out supposly for a 6 month time for a hip on the job injury.

She is asking alot of questions and some of them are for referances and job leads. I haven't seen her work since we were in clinicals but I am not sure of what to think.

has any one else had a hard time with jobs in this ecomeny or seen alot of changes in staff?what about thoughts on job transitions?

Job leads you can help her out with. I think you should be a little more discriminating with the reference though. She might not be the type of person you want to go out on a limb for. You have never supervised her anyway. There must be some compelling reason why she is not using former supervisors for references. After all, that is the type of reference employers really are interested in.