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Job advice

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I am soon to graduate as a BSN and am very fortunate to have two job offers already. I am deciding between RN positions on a med/surg with telemetry unit, as well as a neurological trauma with telemetry unit.

The thing is, I am having trouble deciding which job would be more beneficial for future opportunities or becoming an NP in the future. I know that I want to (eventually) become an NP, having completed shadowing and done a great deal of research on an NP career. I would like to have the opportunity to become either an FNP or a CRNA (I know, two VERY different areas which, believe it or not, both interest me equally).

The med/surg position would allow me to see a variety of patients and diagnoses, while neuro/trauma would be more focused but offers a more direct path to a job in the ICU. The question is, which job will be more beneficial both for skill and personal development, and on a resume? After shadowing on both units, I know I would enjoy either, which is why this is such a tough decision.

I really appreciate any input you can offer. Thanks!

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angeloublue22 has 7 years experience and works as a RN.

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If you have the opportunity Med/Surg is a better well rounded job for what you want to do, where as you said it's pretty diverse and you can learn a lot about a lot of different diseases and treatments. It can also be a path to ICU, if that's where you cant to go. Although, you should also keep in mind nurse to patient ratio and possible burn out especially since you are new. I'm not sure what the ratio would be for neuro but I know that med/surg can be pretty difficult to keep up in, especially when you are new. Did you ask about pt ratios in your interview. There a ton of other things to consider as well. What kind of training do they provide and for how long? Do they provide tuition help? Will you have a dedicated preceptor? Will you have support staff and what is there ratio? You want to find a job that is supportive and you can learn in without wanting to quit. Get that experience and then you can make a more informed decision.

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