Job advice, please help! Don't know what to do.


Hi, y'all.

I have a big problem, well, more like a mixed blessing.

Y'all have heard me go on and on about how much I love my job. That has not changed. These people gave me my first chance as a newbie NP, and I am forever grateful. I love the hospital, all the folks seem to like me, the patients seem to like me, I'm always getting mistaken for the doc, and it's all because of what I have learned from my docs. I'm so happy, I'm dang near delirious.

So, what happened?

My PMD called today, on my cell, at work. I was dictating, so no big deal there, we carry cells all the time anyway. I figured he was going to fuss at me about not picking up my statin samples (and I'm not going there). He wasn't. Far from it.

He offered me a job as his NP. This man has been so historically anti-NP, and I was floored when he agreed to precept me in school. You can imagine how I feel now. He has been my doc for 25 years, I know all the staff as well as I know my own family. He said he didn't even want to interview anyone else, that he and the staff had discussed it, and that my name was the only one that ever came up. I'm going to talk with him on Friday.

I'm almost sick over this. There are so many pros and cons.

I love LOVE what I'm doing, but it's an hour from home.

The other job is 5 minutes from my house.

I have been here 8 months, and am planning to have a baby soon. Not sure how that will work out with a new job, at all. Of course, I'll have no shortage of sitters, knowing the ladies there!

I'm just so flabbergasted, I don't know what to think. I'm also extremely flattered.

Guys, what to do? If you don't have any advice, I'll take a prayer on my behalf for guidance. This is a tough one. Anyone ever been here? Sorry for the ramble, and thanks for reading.


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Sounds to me that you need to talk to your PMD and see what has in his offer, it may or not be worth it at all. You need to get a gurantee like Konan O'brian did for hosting the tonight show, if he was so anti NP before. You also need to discuss about your future plans for a family as I am sure he plans to expand his work load of patients and they will still need to be seen by someone and this means probably by him while you are out (you don't have to discuss it directly just find out what the plan would be if you or he were to be out for an extended time). There are also different ways to be hired as well one is as a regular employee with vacation sick leave etc. and one is as a contract employee (which may mean if your out on maternity or other leave there is no pay). You need to find out what the offer is and then review your options. Good luck, change is exciting.

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Yep, it's exciting, and it's giving me a complex, lol. This was all I wanted till I got the job I am currently in. Now I'm so confused, I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt.

Thank you for the advice.