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Job Advice Needed for Nursing Student!


Hi Everyone!

I am a nursing student who just finished up my OB rotation- and I truly enjoyed it. I would love to start in mother baby first, then move to L&D much later on. I have read tons of posts about how to get a step up, because it seems like the competition is fierce for new grads- and I am worried! Here is my problem. The #1 recommendation is to do a nurse externship in the unit I want to work in. However, sadly, my nursing school just cancelled our nurse externship program. (Although other schools in my area still have it- grrr.) I have kept a close eye out for CNA positions on the MB unit in hospitals in my area, but none have opened up yet, and some of these units do not use CNA's (although I still am keeping a very close eye out!). Are there any other options I could look into? FYI: I am trying my best to do as much as possible to stand out, honor society, nursing tutor for incoming students, etc. I feel lost and just really disappointed that I am missing out on the externship opportunity, and I am afraid this is really going to hurt my chances of getting the job I really want in the long run. Any ideas? Words of encouragement?



Can you not get an externship on your own?

Here in Indiana, externships are independent of your school. I've never seen where they were linked to your program.

You could try to stand out by getting certified in NRP, volunteering on the unit, or being a tech on that floor.

Thanks for the advice! So far, the only externships are for those who are students enrolled in a nurse externship class through their school. I will look into your other suggestions thanks so much!:specs:


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Have you thought about working somewhere besides a hospital for some experience?

Maybe start out in LTC and see if you like it. If not, you will still gain valuable experience and will be more marketable.

good luck to you. I just graduated, and it certainly IS a tough market!



My girlfriend wants to do OB also and there aren't any openings in that department for her right now- both new grads May 8. But she is at an interview today at the hospital and HR said you can change departments after 6 months. So maybe it is just getting your foot into a hospital period. Hope this helps.

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