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JJC 2020

by rachelT rachelT (New) New Student Pre-Student

Anyone applying to JJC for fall 2020?

I applied for the LPN to RN transition for fall 2020

The wait to find out if we were admitted is awful. Best of luck to you!

Are you doing traditional I think emails go out today

Good luck to u to

Yes, evenings. It’s funny because they just came through 😂.

thank you! When will you know about the LPN transition program?

Hopefully next week we had to verify email two days ago. I got an 83% on the lpn predictor automatic acceptance unless a lot of ppl score the same

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That’s awesome! CONGRATS! I know the feeling. I got automatic acceptance based on my TEAS, but I just wasn’t going to be happy until I got the official email.

That's me right now I need it in writing

Sorry late response I got in start August 17


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Any of you guys have alternates make it into your program?!