JJC Nursing Program: Fall of 2015


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Sure! Do you want to meet by the mural at the entrance? Of if you know of a better place...?


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Hi everyone. I hope it is ok that I post here. I am just finishing up 1st semester at JJC but am taking the fall off to have another baby. I am going to be in the same 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semester class as all of you. I'd love to connect and "meet" some of you before January (it seems a million years away!) I am so happy all of you got in! Get ready...it's a wild ride! Totally worth it though!! :) :) :)


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Does anyone need books for cheaper??? My friend finished the whole program in 2013 and gave me all her books.t She says they may be slightly different but not by much. My A&P teacher said books are updated but its almost the exact same stuff; my friend told me to keep them to and said the same thing. I only need a few of them bc i'm an LPN so I have 4 bags to get rid of.