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JHU vibe?


Hi! I'm planning on applying for JHU accelerated nursing program for June and was hoping I could get some feedback on the vibe there. I know JHU is a big name-- is the atmosphere really competitive once you're in? I'm looking for a high quality, but also supportive, learning environment... Also, I plan on applying for the RPCV fellowship. Anyone out there done this? Can you tell me about how do-able it was time-wise to do both the accelerated program and the fellowship community service hours? Any info would be greatly appreciated!




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JHU schooling is like their hospital...it's an honor for you to be there so you have to settle for lower pay or major inconveniences. Depending on your degree, most I talk to complain of having to campus/location hop with some insane class hours and there's nothing you can do about it (if you're in a structured program).

That's why the hospital has one of the lowest pay in the region, as well....it's an honor for you to work there. I like both JHH and JHU's quality but more attention could be paid to workers/students....not too fond of the 'tude "honor for you to work here/school here" (and they'll tell you that straight out).


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I went to an orientation for their graduate programs and they were more than welcoming and very eager to help you out. I really liked the environment myself. It's expensive and they understand that and the financial aid department took plenty of time to explain your options for financing. JHU is at the top of my list for grad school if I decide on NP.

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