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Jefferson Davis Community College Spring 2016


Who all is applying to JDCC nursing for the Spring 2016 entrance? I took my test today and already super nervous because I didn't do as well as I had hoped:(

I applied! Best of luck to you!

What are your points looking like? I am nervous...I have done all pre-reqs and am currently in Micro so I know Micro won't be counted. I'm hoping my points are high enough:nailbiting:

They are not looking too good. I only scored proficient on the Teas V. I already have all my classes too but my Micro is kind old and I had a C in the class so if I don't make it this time then I plan on retaking micro and my test which should bump me pretty high. As of now I want to say I have like 120 :(

Maybe we'll get lucky and it won't be as competitive getting in for the Spring. Good luck! Keep me updated if you hear anything and I'll do the same.

What test did you take?

I applied and had 148 points. I ended up with a 78 on the TEAS. Fingers crossed we hear something soon!

I sure hope so because all I have left are nursing classes! What were your points? Good luck! :)

I took the TEAS too but I've been out of science classes for a while and was not fully prepared because I had been out of the country and could not properly study. But on my test it said that I was only slightly below national and program average. Everyone has told me to keep positive so I am going to try but I feel that I will have to retake micro to up my points.

148 points is very good in my opinion!! Good luck!!!

I thought everything had to be turned in by October 15?

I had everything turned in on the 15th but I also took my test for the first time on the 15th.

I feel dumb. After I commented I realized that the timing is wayyyy off on the post lol. I was so confused for a minute!

Just got news that they have until Thanksgiving to get all the letters out í ½í¸© That's ages from now

I figured it would be around that time before they got them sent out because of what I read from other posts on here.. Blah.. I did see a trick that someone said may work.. lol.. They said to check your degree plan online. But I am not sure if that is actually true or not.

I'm sure you should have no problems getting in. I read where someone got in with 138 points a few semesters ago!

I wish they gave extra points for classes you have already completed other than those three classes! argh.

Hey all! Did anyone apply for the LPN mobility to RN program?! I keep calling the nursing department but no answer :( I'm guessing after thanksgiving like y'all said is when we will hear something!

I just spoke to them two days ago and she said they were currently working on the letters. I'm guessing they'll be out next week.

Have you checked your degree plan online? Just curious to if it is still the same because mine is. But I already have a feeling I may not be making it. Hopefully I will but not going to be super disappointed if I don't. There is always next term to apply and I applied to this one with very little time to prepare.

I wonder how many people apply to each program..