Jeff state summer 2015 hopefuls

U.S.A. Alabama


Hi everyone! I'm starting this thread for those of us that are applying for the summer nursing program for Jeff state! It would be interesting to know what everyone is applying with and stuff! Good luck everyone!

Does anyone know what the cut-off in points were for this Summer? Thanks! Good Luck!

Does anyone know what the cut-off in points were for this Summer? Thanks! Good Luck!

I am wondering myself. Can you tell me your points if you don't mind.

The cutoff is uncertain. It depends on how many people apply they take the highest scores. Cut off in the past for summer has been 160

Ok. Thats good. i hope alot of peoole didn't apply.

I wonder if we will hear anything in a few days? March 6th will be four weeks since the application deadline..

I'm applying with a 170.5

Good luck everyone

I hope so too. I've been checking my email everyday.

Hi everyone. I've also applied for the summer semester. I was apart of the Night/Weekend program this past fall semester but had to withdraw due to the job I had at the time and family situation. I noticed that last year thread for the summer everyone received their email on March 10th. Hopefully we will find out a little sooner than that.

Oh... really. I hope so. If you don't mind me asking. How many points did every one apply with. I think I had 197

Has anyone found out anything? Points? How many people applied? When we would know etc...?

Would you please post if you receive the email stating you got in so I can stop obsessing?!? Lol

Wishing you all the very best!

So ready to hear something! 222 points.

I'm getting nervous with a score of 176! Sounds like there are some smart cookies applying this semester :) Good luck everyone!

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