Jeff State Class of 2014 and 2015


I wanted to start this thread for all Jefferson State Community College Nursing Students who have been accepted into the nursing program and will be graduating in 2014 and 2015. :D BTW-CONGRATULATIONS!!!. I realize students who will graduate in 2015 have (technically) not entered the program yet but, I wanted to be prepared since they will be getting admitted to the program before we know it.

FYI--Threads and posts from previous students who were applying or already in the program were really helpful for me, and I really hope we can use this thread to do the same for other nursing students and ourselves during our journey.

Good Luck to us all over the next 5 semesters (sounds so much shorter than 2 years!!).

****P.S.The only thing that I ask is if, you reply to a particular post, don't forget :saint: to click the "quote" button so that we can follow along. Our thread will hopefully be going for a few years and I would hate for someone to have to go all the way back to the beginning of the thread to understand the conversations.******

CONGRATULATIONS and See everyone at the FINISH (and gainfully employed) line!!!!


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I think everyone has had their orientation thus far, any thoughts on the $580 book bundle??????


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Study Questions

I found these study questions on here. At first I thought they were only for those preparing for the NCLEX-RN but, it has an option to isolate the questions by subject. For example, you can select only Fundamentals questions. So far I like it and it gets my brain IT'S FREE.


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I can't believe I was anxious for nursing school to start. Now I just want it to finish. Shelby campus sucks.


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Hi, i'm in my 4th semester at the Jefferson campus. Anyone looking for a room mate? my email address is


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I'm excited to start this spring! As far as the book bundle goes... It's 569+ everywhere I have found and since we have to have access codes for some of our professors I'm thinking *new* might be the best way to go... Just depends if they sell new copies of the books anywhere else... If I could buy the three things we need new and the others used I would... Haven't found anything like it yet though...


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I'm going into 4th semester in January and was wondering if anyone has any advice as far as the last 2 semesters.