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Hi JD!

You helped me immensely a while back regarding the NET and I have another question for you. I posted another thread in the General Discussion forum for the experienced nurses if you want some backup info for the reason for this question!:)

You are a certified RT? Is that the sort of position at JCL that pays around 19.00/hr? They have a position open right now for an RT working Fri, Sat, and Sun. Looks really neat to me...the shift, the work, but honestly I know very little about it. Maybe you can give me some info....maybe some feedback on other hospital positions as well?

Appreciative as always,




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Hi Janice,

An RT is a Radiologic Technologist, I had to get an Associates degree in Science and take a national exam to be certified as well as be certified with the state (MRTBE). Some places do pay $19.00- my first job offer was $17.50.

I am changing to nursing because I want to be more involved with the patient's care (make more of a difference) and have more latitude- more options- and the potential to make a better living.

After becoming an RT you can crosstrain into MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine or Ultrasound.

Respiratory Tech's RRT do well, I believe they require the same training as a Rad Tech.

Did you make out OK with the NET?

Have a good weekend!


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Hey JD!

Thanks for the reply. RT looks very interesting to me as well, but I still have to go through the NA classes before I make up my mind. I asked you in another post if you were nervous (can't remember which one!) with your nursing program starting and all, but now I think that was a stupid question. I suppose you are not quite as intimidated since you have been in a hospital setting for awhile. I will be SCARED!

Pitifully, I have not taken the NET yet. A&P was really whippin' my butt so I had to stick with studying A&P. BUT, I did get the study guide and did much better than I thought on the practice tests, so I imagine I will be able to get above a 50%. Ok, I hope.:) I am going to take that in a week or so, before 202 starts and during NA.

Do you hang out here quite a bit? Since you have done GCC for your classes it would be great if I could come back and ask you questions. Or personally email you. This Arizona section never seems to get much traffic.?

Good Luck, you start on Monday right? Are you working part time during school as a RT? I am looking into applying to the part time GCC program, since it looks like that is the same overall amount of time, but drawn out so that you don't get the summer off. Looks like a neat option. Did you consider the accelerated program at all? That is like the nursing classes regular, but you go thru summers. That doesn't sound bad either. Why did you choose what you chose?

Thanks for the help, JD.


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