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I am trying to create a JCAHO quiz or game to make learning all this stuff fun ( or at least less painful). Does any body have anything they could share? pm me. We're being surveyed in November and have lots to do.




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For as long as I have been in the healthcare field, I can never figure out why staff are unaware about when surveyors are coming in to evaluate us. I understand that there are times that their appearance is a surprise to everyone, though the scheduled times should be made available.

I am not a nurse manager, but that is a short term goal. It seems as though the administrative personel educate the nursing staff and the other departments of our shortfalls during survey. We then try to come up with plans of action to improve the problems found. This is a good strategy-- that is if the facility has a consistant staff that continuously is improving.

With turnover the way it is, do you think that it might be wise to implement specific training on the survey? To expect everyone on board to take a part in the process, and be held accountable? I suspect that in an ideal world, facilities expect these things without formal indication. The problem is, I think, new staff do not know what the State is looking for, and if they were always conscious of how their practices correlate with the State's expectations, it could improve things not only on paper (or during the days someone is watching), but in general...tangibly.

I also understand that this idea doesn't play a big part in the MDS office, etc. But maybe if there was a specific, ongoing knowledge bank, it would not be such a cause for panic when facilities are surveyed.

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I avoid those surveyors like the plaque. They come in, I run for my life.

HOWEVER: if the management tunes up the policies and proceedures and puts out a little "brain book", discusses it @ staff meetings, basically supersaturate the facility w/whatever they want staff to know, they'll do ok.

Don't expect staff to enjoy the process. They have to do it, not like it.

The most imp't piece is the little book.


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We do a couple of things to keep JCAHO on the minds of the staff. We do a lot of emails that have jokes and cartoons (makes them notice the email and not just delete it). We also have quarterly meetings with the staff and sometimes play "JCAHO Bingo" or base a JCAHO game off of "Who wants to be a Millionare" and give little prizes for right answers.


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JCAHO Jeopardy is also an idea. A board with responses and the staff needs to come up with the correct answers. Some sort of reward for earning big points with right answers. Fun. :clown:


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When we know that JACHO is coming, our managment teams goes to work. We show up unannounced on different units as surveyors. We pretend, yet are very serious, during our mock survey. We ask questions of the staff that the real surveyors would ask, observe the physical apperance pf the department, check meds, medical records anything we can think of that a true surveyor would do visiting the unit. After the visit we write a report of our findings and share with the nurse manager of the department. When JACHO does come the staff are prepared to answer questions and not nervous, they know what needs to be cleaned up in the department and take care of it and knowing that the mock surveyors will return keep the department in tip top shape.


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Our educator puts jcaho questions slips out each week. We all turn in our answers and then she draws 1 and gives them winner a gift card to starbucks for coffee. It is not necessary to have the correct answer to win but it gives her an idea of what she needs to help the staff with and it encourages staff to look for the correct answers. We all bought into the idea and love it. I for one wish they would come next week. If this consulting firm advising our hospital for the jcaho survey makes one more change that takes away from my ability to care for my patients I am going to need a lawyer!

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