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I'm starting clinicals soon, and the all-white shoe thing is required. I can not afford fancy shoes, and I'm really having a hard time finding all white, non-fabric athletic shoes.

I recently found some shoes I like on allheart.com. Has anyone worn Jasco brands?

I really like these, but I'm concerned because I haven't read much feedback on them. Any input is definitely appreciated.


Happy Feet Equal a Happy Nurse! After 28 years of nursing, here is my two cents. My advice is to not skimp on the footwear....buy the best constructed, most supportive, yet not overly heavy foot wear you can. Your feet will thank you. I know it can be expensive. But comfortable feet relate to comfortable mobility and posture, and THAT can help save your back. I look for sales and search shoe stores. There is no substitute for trying them on. Once I find a style that works for me, I will try to buy it again. I have found that with regular full time wear, even a good pair of shoes will need to be replaced after a year or so. I pay about $115/pair for work wear. When I find a good fit, I have gone online to buy and that can save $$ too. I do not pay that kind of money for my casual shoes/sneakers for sure! Good luck with your clinicals and your future career.

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