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J. Sergeant Reynolds Spring 2022

by Nickytre Nickytre (New) New Nurse Student

Hello! I'm posting this thread to see if anyone else has  plans to  apply to J. Sergeant Reynolds  for Spring 2022. 

I'm applying Jsarg Spring 2022. Took the HESI today scored 92.50 GPA 3.1 super nervous my score and GPA is not enough smh. What HESI scores are usually accepted ??

Good question, I am not sure but it seems like you have a great chance! You scored great ! Good Luck to you ! 

Hey there. I scored an 87 on the HESI and im going in with a 3.73 prereq GPA (B in ENG111). We'll see how competitive my score is. Nickytre have you taken your HESI? Also what is your GPA going into applying?

  yes, I have taken the HESI. I scored 91% and I have 3.7 also. Good luck with applying. I just wanted to start a thread so we can kind of compare notes and get to know possible future classmates ! 

I got a 84 overall. I heard students say that they got a 86 and 83 still didn't get in! Also they are accepting 60 student instead of 80 I think so we'll see.

I also applied to J Sarge, I did better on the HESI than I did on the TEAS. I am so nervous, I want this so bad, everyone says don't stress it, it will be what it will be, but I check email 18,000 times a day! Good luck all, hope to see  you there!

That is so good ! Good luck I hope you get selected. I will definitely post here when I get my email. I think I will start checking in September so I won't become obsessed with checking 😅 

I hope we all get in too! I scored an 86 overall. 

That is a great score ! We got this ya'll ❤

Hey everyone! We are just over a week out from being in the 6 to 8 week timeframe! Please let us know when you get your email! Good luck everyone!