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Ivy Tech Nursing Schedule

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Hello! I'm hoping to get into the RN program at Ivy Tech South Bend Fall of 2013. I got a B in Psych/English and an A in Anatomy I. If I get an A in Anatomy II and do well on the TEAS test will I have a good chance at getting in? Or should I try to retake Psychology or English? Also, I was wondering if any current nursing students could tell me what kind of schedule they have. I know it's primarily during the day Monday through Friday, but I guess I'm looking for a little more detail. Like what days are clinicals? Lectures? What time do you go in the morning and what time do you leave? I have two little boys so my husband and I are trying to plan ahead of time on what to do for their care. I'm nervous because I have two kids so if any moms out there can give me encouragement that would be great! Any extra advice would be great as well. Thank you!

I can't answer the other questions, but, i went through nursing school, with one child, and one on the way, AND i also worked part-time (cuz i had to).

but, you WILL need help, support and help with the kids, from your husband, your best pals, your relatives, and others who might be able to occasionally pick up children from school when you can't, or who can stand in for you on mornings you have already left the home, or during exam weeks/when you need to study for long periods of time, etc etc.

It'd be one less stressor on you, if you know your kids are being attended to, fed good food, etc, while you focus on studying, etc, from time to time.

Your family should agree to help you get through this, because, you will need extra hands, on a regular basis, to raise children while attending school.


it can be done.

won't be the easiest thing you ever do, but, it can be done!! And you will have to get very efficient at organizing your time and your home life, too, but, it gets a bit easier to figure out how to do that, imo, the more practice you get at it.

I went to an entirely different school than yours, and it was a long time ago, but some of our 'clinicals' (days you work in hospitals or clinics) were sometimes far enough away, that i would have to leave my home at 5am or 6am to ensure i was at that week's clinic on time. This was not every day, not at all,

but, occasionally, my school did require me to drive to places up to 45 minutes away from my home, for that particular area of study.

but, that was NOT commonly done, only occasionally we'd all have to travel a bit to get a certain kind of clinic.

What time i got home, varied frm one day to another, and from one semster to antoher, but your shcool guidance counselor could probably give you a better idea of your school's details. It will probably vary from one semester to another, your schedule.

humorous tip: NEVER ever ever wash ALL your uniforms that your school requires all in one load. Always leave one set out. always. I'm remembering a night i sat up most of night, scrubbing and scrubbing my pure-white uniforms req'd back then,

after i'd washed them ALL with a 4-color inkpen in one pocket.....lol!! To this day, 30 years later, i've never ever washed ALL my uniforms all in one load, ever ever again!! ha ha!!


I just graduated from Ivy Tech Sellersburg, so I'm not sure how different our campus is. First semester, you'll probably be there 3 or 4 days a week, either during the morning or afternoon, around 3-4 hours a day. And one clinical day of 12 hours a week. Second semester, you'll probably be there 4 or 5 days, depending on the classes they have you take, plus one 12 hour clinical. Third semester for me was a summer semester, so I was there Monday through Thursday and had TWO 12-hour clinical days during a week that I had to be at at 5:30 AM. Last semester was easiest, and I was only there Tuesdays and Fridays and Tuesday was the clinical day. It's a VERY difficult program, and half of my class was failed out during the first semester. I did it with a two-year-old daughter and a bunch of help from her daddy and our moms. Also, I wouldn't worry too badly about the Psychology grade... A&P II will be more heavily weighted to get in, so a B in Psychology may or may not be a big deal. Just try to get at least an "advanced" on the TEAS. I hope this helps a bit :)

Did you get in? How do you like the program so far?