I've had one of those days...

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...when it's just TOO much! :cry:

I've coached many of my classmates through them and never thought it would happen to me but boy was I ever wrong!

I'm an alternate for this fall, just waiting to find out of I'll be starting or not. But just in case I do, I'm doing 4 classes this summer! Talk about an overload!!! :uhoh21: I've been getting between 3 and 6 hours of sleep a night just trying to keep up with my classes and this morning I got to school at 7 am thinking I was ready for todays tests. 1st class..I did okay. But my second class (a math class) I hadn't had as much time to study on and thought I would be fine because it was over pretty basic concepts. WRONG! As soon as I started my mind went totally BLANK! I sat there as one by one people finished and walked out thinking, OMG I'm bombing this!!!! When I left school, I barely made it to my car before I burst into tears. I've been working SO hard! I found my hubby and fell apart. I told him I wasn't cut out for it and that I thought I should just give up. :crying2: Of course I've calmed down and now know how stupid my panic attack was, but the feeling was a scary one for sure.

Can any of you relate with how I'm feeling? Any suggestions for dealing with so much stress? (Did I mention I also have 2 little boys?! lol)

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I'm a little stressed today too :( Don't worry, we'll both make it through :)


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You are doing something amazing--- and don't lose sight of the end product.

This is the moment when life is testing you to say- "Can you handle this?"

Now--- if you ask me- 4 summer classes is WAY too much.

I have a feeling, though, that you're kind of in it too far to be able to drop any of these classes.

You just need to rely on your husband right now- and communicate your needs to him.

ie, "I need you to take the kids tonight so I can study." Or "I need you to do the grocery shopping today and I'll take the kids and try to get some reading in while we're at the park." Those kinds of things.

You can do it- you just need to rely on the assistance of others.

And try, in the future, to not overload yourself with school.

I think by taking a bit more conservative approach to your schedule- you will ultimately be a better student.

This workload is something that takes time to adjust to.

Know that you're not going to just "get it" right away.

The people who drop out of pre-nursing, are ultimately the people who are not cut out to be nurses.

Is this you?

I bet not.

Hang in there.

I know that "OVERWHELMING" feeling... and behind it all, you're getting stronger each day.

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