I've failed a couple tests, how to stay motivated?

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I feel just defeated. I'm going PRN status at work so that should help some. Any tips for studying?

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They key to studying for a nursing exam, at least what has worked for me is to understand the general concept. Memorization just doesn't work because you need to understand what is going on to be able to apply that theory in the clinical situation.

When you study think about how it's going to affect the person, what will you see, how will you treat it, why will you treat it that way.

I also recommend buying the Saunder's NCLEX RN review book, I find a lot of the information and diagrams in the text to be extremely helpful when studying for an exam. BEST OF LUCK!


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Be able to apply the nursing process to any pathologies you learn about. Also, consider the following things: What causes it? What are the risk factors? What population does it occur in? (elderly? native American? males? primigravidas?) What is the medical treatment? How do we diagnose it (which lab tests, which signs, etc) What are the nursing priorities (encourage fluids? elevate body part? a certain position?)

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