I've been accepted into the LPN program..here I go again!

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Just a brief introduction. My name is LeeAnn. I started my education about four years ago. I worked my bum off to get into a hospital based radiography program. I loved it and did well, my grades were all A's and B's and I had excellent patient care. Due to some conflict with RAD techs (they were VERY cliche..doing each others hair while the students worked..giving each other massages, discussing their pampered chef parties and Silpalda parties etc)..I just didn't get into it. I guess I wasn't seen as a team player (in my mind, a butt kisser). Anyway, I caught a nasty staph infection while there, was put in the hospital for a week. Ever since then my immnue system has been very weak. This gave them perfect reason to get rid of me, saying I should look healthier than the patients I'm treating. They spread horrible rumors of me being beat (because I bruise very easily)..and basically ruined my repuation. I suffered two miscarriages, losing one at four months:crying2:. I then came down with yet another staph infection on my face where it couldn't be hidden. Again, their ticket to free themselves lf me. With only six months left until graduation, they made me resign! I'm still very bitter (as you can probably tell):angryfire. Anyway, I'm now accepted into the nursing program and I'm scared to death. All of these conversions I've been reading up on are hurting my head. I'm just at a loss, not to mention the stress of knowing I'll be interning at the hospital that I hate so much. Any advice? (sorry for the information over load here). I feel that I've been weakend down by these people, my self-esteem is non existant and so is my confidence. I want this baddly, I just don't know if I can do it. I start August 24th. Help?


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don't let those people have power over you. forgive them for their mistakes and just do your best. nursing school is difficult, not for the weak at heart. don't give up on yourself. you want this for yourself more than anyone else wants it for you, be your biggest cheerleader.

you can do it.

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