IV Gamma Globulin, what to watch for?


I have a HH patient who I will be starting an Gamma Globulin infusion next Tuesday. I have other patients who take Gamma Globulin IV for 3 days continuously and they have been for years. Never a problem. This patient has Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy and this will be his first Gamma Globulin infusion. The doctor has ordered 4gms to be infused over 90 minutes. Very slowly for 5 minutes (0.8ml/kg/min), then for 10 minutes (1.8ml/kg/min) then 7ml/kg/min for the remainder of the infusion. Another patient I have with the same condition gets a whopping 320 gms over 3 days.

I'm making a short story awfully long. My question is.....Do I look out for headache? SOB? Chest Pain? Back Pain? Fever? Anything specific to GG?

Do any of you HH nurses out there give GG for Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy? Does it work? How fast is relief felt? This particular patient has been acutely suffering, pain clinic couldn't help him, he even has burning in his penis and injects his penis with lidocaine, oh ouch!

I am so desperate to find some relief for him. His doctor has tried everything, I think. His labs for IGG all came back WNL.

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