IV Fluid Information


Are there any websites that offer information concerning IV Fluids?

For example, I need to know the Action, Side effects, and Contraindications.

I have the Prentice Hall Nurse's Drug Guide 2009 for all the meds, but can't

seem to find all the information needed when I "Google" IV Fluids.

Thank you!

you should cover this stuff in fluid balance portion in your med surg text book. most solutions are either isotonic, hypertonic, or hypotonic. I just graduated in may, they covered in my school. you could try looking up by the type(iso, hypo, or hyper) but usually the dr will order the type of fluids, but it helps you understand the mechanism of the fluid. whether its for rehydration or to pull an excess electrolyte out of circulating volume, as in hypernatremia, or whatever, but I am sure you'll cover this in your classes.

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Thank you medmar_mary1970!

This info is something we need for our OB class. This info. is needed for women in Labor and Delivery who are given IV Fluids. We may cover this in Med-Surg, but I have to have this written on a Chart before my 1st OB Clinical next week.

Oh, I feel so lost this semester, but I will make it.... Just like I did last semester!

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to answer!!


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If you look on the main page of this section, there is a sticky about IV therapy and nursing procedures. Here is the link.. https://allnurses.com/nursing-student-assistance/any-good-iv-127657.html On post #5 Daytonite has a long list of helpful websites. Toward the end of her post is a table of commonly used iv solutions. She sent it to me once and I printed it out and put it in my clinical notebook. I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for, but it certainly can't hurt. lol

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Thank you tiggerdagibit for the sticky!

And thank you Daytonite for posting all the information for others to view!

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i wasn't home yesterday, so i couldn't answer your thread. in case you didn't find these materials, here is what you were looking for:

if you need to know the specific ingredients of an iv fluid just ask me. i have a book that has this information. when i created the chart above i only included the most commonly used solutions for the sake of saving room. otherwise the chart would have gone on for several more pages with information on iv fluids you'll never see used but once or twice in your entire career.

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Thank you again Daytonite! I really like the info from the book "Intravenous Therapy." Very useful for many things!

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