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I am a new LVN in Houston who is interested in getting IV certified. I haven't been able to find a good resource about IV certification. Any one have any good leads?



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I did not know that lvn needed to be IV cert., do LVN's make IV's? I know its a stupid question but i had to ask. I'm a pharmacy technician and we have to be IV cert. and I believe that san jac has a IV class, hope that helps.


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You do not have to be IV certified to be an LVN, but it does help when your looking for a different position. Some of the hospitals would like to have an lvn who is IV certified.

I know its a late response, but for others I heard Academy of exceptional healthcare off W. Bellfort does.


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I once worked for an agency that offered IV certifications for the LVNs. I'm not sure how much it costs though. It's been a while since I worked for them as an LVN, maybe 2 years or more. The name of the agency is UltraStaff and I think they have a website with a number to call. Good Luck!



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You may want to check your state board's website for a list of IV/BW providers in Texas. I myself am an IV Cert provider in California...and our california board's website has a list of all the approved providers online. IV certification is not mandatory...but definitely helpful in this tighter job market...especially where I'm from in Southern California. Many acute care hospitals in my area require IV certification. Some home health companies also preferred IV certified LVN/LPN's to implement infusion therapy...which usually offers a higher wage as well. So just make sure your provider is approved by the state board.


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Can anybody tell me what good certification is good to have for LVNs???

(Besides IV certification)



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I was a LVN before I went back to school and got my RN. I worked in a hospital and started IV's all the time. I have never heard of having to be IV certified.

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I was a LVN before I went back to school and got my RN. I worked in a hospital and started IV's all the time. I have never heard of having to be IV certified.
Well, in this tight job market, more and more facilities in Texas are making it mandatory that their LVNs be certified in IV therapy. Also, the Texas BON makes a position statement on their website that LVNs in this state should be IV certified.


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LVNs in Texas MUST be IV certified before pracising IV therapy. The BON standards of care clearly state that the LVN program of education is not sufficient for a LVN to practice IV therapy sans certification :)

Of course, you can do it and place yoyur license on the line if something goes wrong :)...or you can be sensible about it and get certified. Yopur choice!


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There is a business that offers IV cert. classes in the Houston area. You can Goggle them their name is Professional Heath Care Training Services (PHES) or you can reach them at 877-313-7437.


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Tsu in houston texas provides a iv certification course for $299.

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