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IV certification in the bay area

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hi all,

I am a newly licensed LVN. I am in the process of trying to get IV certified. I'm wondering if anyone has done this, or more specifically has anyone done this in the bay area? I am looking for a place where I can do live sticks on people (as required by the board) but not have them done on me!!! I know...a nurse that hates getting her blood drawn an being stuck....quite embarrassing but....does anyone know of a place???????

I took the IV certification class with the Hospital Consortium in San Mateo. The instructor was good but we had to do sticks on each other. I don't know if you can have it that no one does sticks on you. You'll probably have to call and speak to the instructor. There is another place that offers the IV cert class in San Jose. I forget their name, but they charge less for the course. Again, you would have to ask the instructors if you can do it without being a guinea pig. Try doing a google search to find the course in San Jose if you're interested. I know they have a website.

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I received my certification from Pharmerica in Union City. Their pharmacy supplied the meds to the SNF where I used to work. Since I was an employer to one of the facilities they supplied meds, my certification was free of cost. We did sticks on each other. Their number is listed on the bvnpt site that was provided by caliotter 3.

Amerimed in san jose really good...they came to our school though our school paid for the class but we did one day lecture 2nd day hands on really good though


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I did my IV Certification at Facets of Nursing in South San Francisco. It was a two day course and the only way I was able to get out of being poked by other students, or poking other students for that matter, was to bring my "patient". My husband was a good sport and has great veins, so it was quite easy. It included IV Cert and blood w/d.

Is Eillen the instructor? How was it?

hm is the IV certification class in facet of nursing?

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