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IUPUI Accelerated Spring 2021


Has anyone else applied for IUPUI's accelerated program? I applied for January start date. The wait is killing me. Just wondering if anyone else is also considering this program or anyone has already been accepted to a previous semester and can provide some insight. 

it’s stressful; I have also applied for the Spring 2021 at IUPUI, but mine  it’s not for the accelerated program. I hope we can get in 

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Very stressful! Have you heard anything for your program?

No, I haven’t. What about u?

Nope. Still waiting 😩

yeah I think they’re going to let us know by the end of this month. I’m really scared especially bcp I just  applied to one school. Have u applied anywhere else?

Nope only applied there. I looked at other accelerated programs but they were either too expensive or required admission testing. I refused to take the TEAS ever again in life lbs 

loll I never took theTeas test before. what is the iupui acceptance rate? 

I’m honestly not even sure 

I’m just going to keep waiting I’m so nervous 

All we can do. One of my co workers that got accepted in the Spring said she found out around Thanksgiving so hopefully sometime in the next week or so...

yeah it’s what I was thinking too. Are they sending it via mail?

I’m pretty sure 

I heard that they accept about one hundred students every semester 

Yeah I don’t know much about the traditional but accelerated it’s only like 40-50

waouu that's really competitive..