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Any suggestions on how to assist clients with the grieving process r/t preterm labor, stillbirth, and IUFD? We have a bereavement "box" we give them, but a lot of times we can't get footprints or a lock of hair. Any suggestions on photographing these little ones (especially those with anomalies)? Appreciate any and all comments! Thanks!!!

When we have fetal or neonatal deaths we provide everything we use on the baby as a momento for Mom,if she wants them - the measuring tape,the clothing and blankets we use in the pictures we take, little items or toys we use to enhance the photos. With the deformed baby we work at getting the best angle as possible for the pictures. Our clothing,caps,booties, and blankets(tiny to premature) are made by volunteers. If its a term baby, we ask family if they have an outfit they'd like us to use.

For footprints - if the ink on the pad does not suffice - clean the feet with alcohol,

dry and try again. In some cases we use Betadine, apply a light amount to the feet, let it dry just a bit and do the print.

We do not cut hair without Mom's permission and have really not done this for a while now since we provide the other momentos.

We keep momentos in a bereavement envelope for one year, as some Moms may not be ready for them when they're in the hospital, yet may get to a point later when they would like them.

In most instances (if condition of baby permits) Mom can keep the baby in her room for as long as she wants to, giving her and the family time to grieve, but also time to make their own memories. For these times we place the baby in a bassinet and they let us know when we can take the baby away. We do make extra trips to the "holding room" if Mom decides she wants to see baby again.

Besides this Mom is seen by social services, gets a pastoral visit,and given information regarding a support group she can later contact if she needs them. She is also encouraged to call back and speak to any of our Bereavement Counselors if she needs to.

Hope this helps. If I can be of further assistance, just e-mail me.



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