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ITT Tech Breckinridge School of Nursing, High Point, NC...information anyone?

Hello all,

I am finally ready to begin my nursing education and have been speaking with different nurses, doctors, etc about the various programs in the triad area. But I was just wondering if anyone has any information about the ITT Tech nursing school in High Point, NC. I've got some information, and spoke with one of the representatives, but I wanted someinfo from current students, or recent graduates about the program and life after graduation. How is the program? Is it worth the high prices? I've read some bad things about ITT tech in different states. Is it the same in NC? Any info would be appreciated!

Why would it be any different? It's all the same chain. The ITT schools have a bad reputation, and there is a possibility they may soon be in trouble with the Feds (similar to the Corinthian College chain, which is now going out of business). Don't waste your money.