ITT Portland - What was your HESI A2 score?



I was wondering about those of you who have been accepted into the Breckinridge program what your HESI A2 score was? I took the test yesterday and scored 93.5% but now I have to wait until May 1st to find out if I got in and it's killing me!:confused: Thanks!!


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Interesting.. Same school here, different state (St Pete, FL campus.) I found out in less than a week after I took the HESI, but maybe that's because I took it really close to the quarter start date. (like the week before.) Did you ask them why the wait? Although I suspect it may have to do with other people being scheduled to take the test between now and then. They might have to wait til everyone has taken it before they make a final determination. We're about to start week 4 on the current quarter so it's too late for you to start right now, anyhow. My calendar says the next quarter starts June 18th FWIW.

93.5 is fantastic BTW :)


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You're exactly right, we have to wait until all the HESI test dates are done before they announce the top 30. I just wanted to get an idea of people's scores that are in the program. I'm just being a nervous nilly! :-)

p.s. yes, I'm trying to get into the June 18th quarter


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:) Well, waiting isn't fun, but I guess you have to. My campus just started offering nursing last September; I'm in the second starting class. Out of the 30+ people that took the HESI with me, only 6 of us started class.. a couple others who qualified changed their minds for some reason; we don't know the details.

I just logged in on Evolve (the HESI site) to check my score because I didn't remember it.. mine was 95%. It also says the class average was 76. Ouch. That would explain why so many of them didn't start... You should be able to log in with your user name and password too, but I don't know if you will see a class average or not.