It's official - I'm now the proud owner of a CNA license:-)


Glad that's over with - last month, I passed the clinical portion of the CNA exam, but due to a late arrival, had to reschedule the written portion. Well the date was yesterday and it was a success. I ended up getting 59 out of 60 questions correct, which I was pleased with - and I was a little surprised (not that I passed, but that I only missed one question) because I was primarily trying to fit in my studying for that around my studying for our mid term exam for our med/surg in my ADN program. I didn't do quite as well with that test, but still passed with some room to spare - which is good enough for me. Red Cross said I should have the license in about 2 weeks (so I guess saying 'now a proud owner' is a bit premature:D

And all that was fit around working a fair number of OT hours on my job (non healthcare related full time position - in a finance dept in the home office of a well known retail company) as well as sometimes understanding and sometimes not wife and daughter:o:lol2:

I don't have to return to school until jan 18 - I'm going to not thinking about anything until Monday, when I'll start working on our next reading assignment due that week (and some review so I don't forget everything from the first half of this semester before we take our final exam)

But anyway, I'm just blabbing here due to the sudden relief from the stress:) I think that's the part I like best, even though it's only temporary:uhoh3:


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Congratulations! Hard work paid off so far.


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