It's inevitable-if not this year, then soon...

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I'm afraid that with all the hoopla, first with "bird flu", now with "swine flu", that people are becoming weary of the alerts. And will be ill-prepared for the REAL pandemic when it happens.

And it WILL happen. We are long overdue. Population density has reached critical mass, especially in cities. Modern transportation makes it possible for someone to reach anywhere in the world before becoming sick enough not to travel. A highly contagious virus can be global within 24 hours.

Flu is one scary virus...mutates at will, airborne, you drown in your own secretions. And by the time you are sick enough to go to the hospital you may have reached a point of no return. We have been VERY lucky in the time since 1918...the seasonal flu's we have seen are pretty mild. But make no mistake, the BIG ONE is out there somewhere.

Are we prepared? Hell no! I don't care WHAT the CDC does or will do, they are not prepared for this. And neither are we. All that the media attention has accomplished is to create "flu fatigue"...people are just not concerned enough, after hearing the 'boy cry wolf' several times. When it comes, it will take everyone by surprise.

All it takes is one shifted antigen to turn seasonal flu into a slate-wiper, you know. And our government can't even agree to act on general health care issues, who wants to bet that they will be any quicker or more efficient when the big one hits? These buffoons will be holed-up in their offices, issuing stupid statements as people die.

Sorry to sound so negative, but the facts are the facts.

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