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It's not a clot

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So yesterday marked the adventure of nursing school, day #3.

Wow, you guys weren't kidding, it is a lot. For some reason I am strangely calm about the the tests and homework. Well, let me back up, I am calm now. Not so much a few days ago.

We are having our first skills check off on vital signs on 9/8. Ok, fine - I knew this was a part of nursing school. So what's the problem you ask? Well I couldn't hear ANYTHING when trying to take a BP and yes, before you ask the scope was on and in my ears properly. I also couldn't palpate the brachial pulse. Not even on myself (which I somewhat jokingly started this whole thing about me having a blood clot in my arm).

Anyway, it got to the point where I was in tears thinking that I was going to fail the skills check off and have to leave the program. Then something funny happened. This girl that I somewhat knew (we had A&P2 together) showed me how she did it (she's an MA) and the curtains parted, sunshine and puppies fell from the sky and I could auscultate the BP and palpate the brachial artery. It's gotten to the point were I spent my day off outside the school library asking people if I could feel them up and take their BP. Maybe things will work out after all. Good luck everyone!!!


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Aw glad you are doing better!!!!!


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Well I am sure I will be in your shoes come tuesday!

The whole calendar they give us seems a little overwhelming, but I haven't gotten to excited yet. I suppose I will after the test!

You know that MA was a Godsend. I was able to auscultate the BP and brachial artery in skills lab, but had a horrible moment on my first patient in clinicals. I thought my nursing school career was finished. I even cried on allnurses about my experience. Luckily, my CI and the allnurses crew calmed me down and gave me tips, but I have been there.

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