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Good day everyone,

I'm an italian student in nursing. I will graduate next year after a 3 years of italian university program in nursing.

I'm looking for information about the validation of my bachelor's degree in Australia (Melbourne).

I'm under 30 years so I'm still in time to travel to Australia with a WHV.

I have no working experience in nursing except for the "in hospital training" (many wards such general medicine, emergency, operating theater, etc.) of 1500 hours during the 3 years of the course.

Any information/advice is welcome :p



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Start point once you graduate is APHRA website and follow instructions for International trained

Hi again,

I wrote an email to APHRA last month asking them the same questions.

They answered me saying only that "it's preferred that you have at least 1 year of experience in your country prior to applying for registration with AHPRA".

Now, as per the APHRA website, my university career meets the requirement for the application, so I think they said me to make experience just to find a job easily.

Are there any italian nurse who have better information?


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