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It took 10 years!


Wow, I am so delighted to find this website and be able to gain so much insight from everyone's experiences and knowledge.

I'm a 31 year old woman who has been thinking about being a nurse for over 10 years. I was actually accepted into a nursing program when I was 18 but decided it was not the right time. I have suffered from anxiety and panic since I was very young and I overthink *everything*. Currently, I am a practice manager in a medical clinic/family practice in British Columbia, Canada. I love my job but I have come as far as I will go in this line of work (medical office administration.) Nursing has always been on my mind and I finally got the courage a few years ago to pursue this dream again and not let my anxiety hold me back. I asked the question, "What would i do if my anxiety and fear were not a factor?" Ultimately, the answer lead me to here.

I have spent the last two years upgrading my high school courses from a B-average to a transcript with 3 A+s and a B in chemistry. I've applied for nursing school for the last two years and yesterday, I received my invitation to the Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing program. Yikes! I paid my deposit and I'm officially registered for Sept 2017.

I'm excited but so terrified. I've heard the horror stories of stress in nursing school and in the nursing profession. My mind is in complete overdrive about affording school, affording rent etc etc etc. I don't want to back out of the program because I'm sure there are nurses out there who have dealt with anxiety and let it make them a better nurse.

I would so love to hear some of your stories about coping with stress in school, coping with anxiety when faced with unpleasant stimuli (ie; people in pain, smells, fearful patients etc). I'm sure i can do this but it would be such a privilege to hear from others who may have overcome these obstacles.

Thank you so much!

Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

Specializes in SICU, trauma, neuro. Has 16 years experience.

Congratulations on your acceptance!

I was blessed with a naturally strong stomach, but occasionally make use of some Vicks. Sometimes we get peppermint oil from the pharmacy, dip gauze in it and clip it to the IV pole. More often we use a bio-odor eliminator spray or small electric air filter. Unpleasant sights just take getting used to.

Self care is very very important! You'll want to learn what works for you if you don't know already. For me it's prayer, singing, hugging my kids, watching funny videos, etc. Sometimes the emotionally difficult cases sap my physical energy, so I'll give myself permission to sleep longer when I get home.

Unless my patient is actively trying to die, I also take my dinner break. I stay hydrated at work too -- none of that "no time to pee" stuff.

Keep your head down while in school, but enjoy the ride! You're fulfilling a long-held dream.