It is Summer.....


and I do not want to study. Does anyone have advice on how to get motivated. I am in Med-surg, pharm, research and gerontology. I am feeling overwhelm and very unmotivated to study. This is my 3rd week and exams are fast approaching



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Just think if you get in gear now and start studying (even studying ahead) you will not have to worry so much when test time comes and you face the possiblilty of having to write papers.

I think even the most ambitious student runs into moments when studying just isn't a priority. But it's so vital to keep up with the material when the semester starts flying by. My advice, take everything one step at a time and don't save all the studying for the last minute. Even if you get through 1-2 sections of your reading once or twice a day, you'll feel far more prepared than if you save all the material for the last minute. Maybe flashcards will help. If I have time, I usually write a few up and take them with me: the gym, out to dinner, to work...etc. It's better than lugging around those heavy books. If anything, find one other person in your class that you can get along with and study with, you know go back and forth over the notes and just read them to each other out loud while refering to the text (this helped me tremendously because by "teaching" someone else I remembered more during my exams). You'll find your groove! Good luck with everything. =)


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Thank you for email nice reply. You are very right. I will let you know how the summer turns out. It is nice to have this support

thank you again



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Motivation...mine is often the fear of what may happen if I don't keep on top of things. I don't advocate being driven by fear though.

what I do suggest is write down what you need to get completed for the week and make a schedule. Give yourself a day off a week and treat yourself to something nice for getting everything done. It could be something as simple as a long bubble bath or some yummy ben and jerry's ice cream.

Good luck!


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yes, reward yourself

it's okay to have some time to yourself - just plan for it

if possible, get some of your material covered everyday - make a list of

what you have to cover

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