ISU LPN to BSN - Why Is Cali being so salty?

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Dear California. We're still here. Love, LPN's - Future (ISU) BSN RN's.

To Non ISU or ISU students,

i would love to have an open discussion about this program. Feel free to reply with any and all thoughts (not just Cali thoughts)!

I am so curious... why it is exactly that California does not endorse ISU's RN bridge program for LPNs? What is it about distance learning that bothers their Board? Or is it simply clinical competition ? I just read another forum discussion about California Board is Nursing not being happy with the competition for clinical seats that ISU students presented so they pulled away from their contract at the last minute. To that, I can only say... "really..?" Am I alone in thinking this is all a bit harsh? I'm open to contrary opinion. Help some of us understand why ISU and it's 50 accepted online grads a semester doesn't quite make a California cut?

ISU seems like a great program. I am not a student (yet) but being happy that they did away with their College Network affiliation I have since applied. And it took me a long time to do this. (I'm one of those "picky" ones you love to hate, but can always make you laugh. Most days). But going back to Cali. I actually thought about moving to be closer to my family there but I can't find any good online options for someone who has to work and go to school. So here I am, in one of the approved states. Applying. And hoping. And thankful there is a program like this out there

Anyway. I'm willing to admit I'm wrong here but in my honest opinion, Cali should perhaps consider that ISU is the only program in this country willing to take the online leap for LPNs willing to do the hard work of a BSN pursuit - a majority of its theory online (except for the all too evident struggle for offline Clinical seats). So

this is no easy feat by any means. Perhaps this reflects the high ambition of LPNs out there with families, single moms, and sky rocket cost of livings. Who can't seem to work around campus life with full time job or mom life. We don't apply to these programs blindly. We know what it takes to succeed and we're willing to work for it.

Even if no one replies or reads this ridiculous novel I am simply ok just writing this. but I would love to hear from you and I wonder who is as thannfjk

as I for a program like this. As an LPN I appreciate what ISU and the Indiana state board of nursing is doing for us around the country. And in my perhaps all too honest opinion on behalf of all great nurses everywhere (including RNs because they matter too!)...


Dear California BON,

you're wonderful but you are missing out on some great nurses. So don't be sorry to us. We're sorry. California nurses are wonderful in their own right, as they are everywhere, but LPNs everywhere deserve a chance to continue their education in your state. Not just the (almost) 49 other ones ISU has approval in. We applaud ISU. Hopefully we can applaud you too one day.


LPNs. Future (ISU) BSN's

I'm a resident of Virginia but much of my family is in California... I love it there and would love to practice there as an RN someday. Sadly that's not today. Maybe someday. Until then, I'll hope for the best and bloom where I'm planted.

I'm applying for the ISU program for 2019 and taking some time to work and save. Would love to hear back from anyone in their journey!

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I just read another forum discussion about California Board is Nursing not being happy with the competition for clinical seats that ISU students presented so they pulled away from their contract at the last minute. To that, I can only say... "really..?" Am I alone in thinking this is all a bit harsh?

I believe that the statement you are referring to was posted by me. The Cali. BON had no jurisdiction in the matter, it is a legal matter between the schools. There was an understanding between Sonoma State and ISU that there would be a new agreement between them. They were about to renew their agreement when the Chancellor of CSU decided not to renew the agreement a few days before the board meeting (in the video below). The representative of CSU stated " California State University has previously and we continue to advocate for the ability of a CSU student or residents of California who are in California institutions nursing program to get their clinical placements. It is very difficult. Nationally, what holds us back, primarily, to educate enough nurses is the lack of clinical placements. So when we give up the opportunity of a California student of a college or university to enroll in their clinical placementl, it makes it that much harder for this state to meet it's population's need for healthcare. The agreement that was made at Sonoma State, it would not been made if it had gone to the chancellor's office as it was suppose to because of this issue. It is very important for us to work with our community college partners to make sure that students that can afford an ADN program at this point in their career can get clinical placements and they can transfer to a CSU institution for their BSN if they want to (3:07:30 of video).

In essence, by promoting the ISU-Sonoma State program, they are taking away revenue from CSU if those students to enroll in ISU's program instead of a CSU program. Once CSU chancellor found out about the program, he told Sonoma State to not renew the agreement. They contend that they were Indiana State students and not CSU students, so if they end the agreement, it is not their problem, it is ISU's problem. It was ironic that her reason for ending the agreement was that it deprived California students the opportunity of clinical placements, but the ISU students are California LVNs and intend to work in California as RNs. So their reason does not make sense.

The ISU-CSU discussion starts at 2:36:40 of the video

Thanks for the info! Do you or does anyone here think Cali will ever accept ISU grads from this program again?

And I totally agree. Doesn't make any sense at all since like, you said, those LVNs were future CA RNs contributing to CA "population's need for healthcare." Ironic. And short sighted.

I'm so glad ISU instructors flew over there to help these Cali clinical students finish up back then though.

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Their reason for ending the agreement was to free up clinical slots for CSU students in order to meet the healthcare needs of the state.. The problem with her statement was at the time there were no shortage of nurses (new grad nurses). There was a 50% new grad unemployment rate for nurses. The problem was that there were too many nursing schools, which required a lot of clinical slots. Ending the ISU program did not alleviate the clinical placement shortage. Ending the program forces LVNs to go through the CSU system instead of a out of state online program. CSU has no intention in letting this happen again. Like I said in the previous thread, ISU needed a California nursing school to sponsor their students. If CSU refuses to help an out of state school, then there is little chance to renew the program. I am no longer in touch with the faculty at ISU, so I don't know if they are (or did) pursue going through the VA system or private college which circumvents the CSU system. It is a shame that this has happened. The ISU program was a perfect fit for the older, working LVN that doesn't have time to wait 2-3 yrs to get into a CSU nursing program. For 32 states, the ISU program helps LPN/LVNs get their BSN, unfortunately California is no one of them.

Yep. On a final note. I love Cali but that CSU chancellor is salty #theend

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