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I'm writing a paper for my BSN class and I'm out of ideas. I need topics to write about regarding online nursing. Can you name different issues in online nursing that will be perfect to address in an academic paper? I'm really desperate here. I need help. Thank you so much!

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do you have to write about the "bad" of distance learning or the "good" or both?

My thoughts on distance learning are that if you are not a good self teacher you may not get or learn the points of the subject matter, no direct guidance from a professor, self paced would not be as structured, however online classes may be overly structured and grades mostly on written papers.

goods- some have no time constraints, can study at your own pace and time (2AM or noon whatever time you have) you can take 5 yrs or 1 yr to complete a degree,

that's all i can think of right now but i'm sure i'll think of more soon =)

If it is distance nursing education you are talking about, my biggest advantage is that it opens up opportunity for so many who could not get an education otherwise.

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you do not have to spend money on gas and time on driving to college. Do not have to deal with "drama" in a class. Focus on your own achievements. Flexible time - if you need a day off, you have a day off :) I you want to study at 3 am, you can do it :) Sometimes you have an opportunity to finish much faster.

Minuses - difficult to build a "network" with student in your area. no "study groups" for the most part.

You have to be more independent. During online studying you have less supervision than in a brick-and-mortar school. As a result - you grow as a professional, but it is a hard thing to do :)

You might have to go to training in Milwaukee. Depends on if they have a training center near you. What will be your title there? No job security at Brookdale. First thing they will make you do is sign a waiver promising that you can never sue them.

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