Is this my year?


Hello fellow nursing students, graduates, and/or visitors. First let me start off by saying excuse the horrible typos for I am using an ipad and I am fairly new at this lol but anyway

I have been having such a hard time trying to get into nursing schools and finally I feel as thou I am going to get accepted by one. Although, it is not my first choice who am i to complain? Anywho I went in for an interview at Stratford university today and the advisor I was very sweet. She showed me around and gave me all the information I needed to get started. I had already taken the teas 5 exam a d didn't do so well to apply to Marymount (which was my first choice) but apparently the score I had received was good enough for Stratford. Any who I am in the process if finishing up my application and fingers crossed I get into it for this August. Keep me in your prayers and if anyone knows anything about this school please do tell your experiences and if you do or don't like why and why not. Thank you for readings this long venting post do reply :)


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Good luck. Sorry no advice on the school :)


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@mommaTy have you started the nursing or are you in the nursing? If so how is it like? I keep hearing it is hard and you will have no social life? Thanks