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Is this worth it?

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I am a current BSN student, who will be graduating May 2017. It's my dream to work in the emergency department. I live in Colorado, but was offered a summer externship in the ED in Fort Worth, Texas. I currently extern at a hospital here on the cardiac floor, but none of the hospitals in my area offer ED nurse-extern type jobs for students. I know its unlikely for me to get a job in this specialty area as a new nurse without any prior experience. Do you think it would be worth it to travel and do the nurse externship if you were in my position?

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I immigrated from the west coast to Fort Worth 12 years ago lol. It is a really great place.

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It depends. I've only heard mostly horror stories from my fellow travel nurses (and nurses who used to be on staff there) about Texas, but I'm sure every hospital isn't like that. It would also make a huge difference, I would assume, that you're a student nurse extern rather than a full RN so the staffing and stuff shouldn't bother you since you need an RN with you at all times. At least that's how my externship was. If you really want to do ER and nothing else has come up, that may be a good option for you if you can find somewhere to live. However, I know hospitals do do student nurse externships in the ER, it probably just depends on the facility and the norms there. If you'd rather stay in your area, call everyone, call the managers, call HR. Be ALWAYS polite and courteous, but also show them that you aren't going away (unless they have positions and they simply can't take anymore applicants). That's how I've gotten a few jobs in my life when the "normal way" didn't work out and it can work! :) Good luck, my friend! xo


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