Is WGU a good option for an online master's degree?


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I've been having a hard time getting an answer to this question, so I figured this would be the place to ask. I recently graduated with my associates degree as an RN, and would like to continue with school to receive my master's in leadership and management.

Later down the line I'd like to return for FNP, but I don't plan to do that for quite some time. Several of my classmates were planning on attending at WGU, but I'm wary about their grading system and whether the degree will be transferable whenever I decide to return for my FNP. I'm also unsure how employers will look at the degree since it's completed online.

So, has anyone here attended WGU for their masters? And if so, what was your experience like?

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This is a partial list of the hundreds of schools that have admitted WGU grads for higher degrees, including doctorates. I am a WGU MSN grad and was accepted to three different doctorate programs. Touro Nevada (my eventual choice), Chatham in Pittsburg and University of Southern Indiana.

I know of three different WGU BSN grads just in my state currently enrolled in or graduated from NP programs.