Is 4-6 weeks orientation time enough for a new grad?

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^^topic^^. I just had an interview the other day on an ortho/surgical floor and the orientation time is 4-6 weeks, plus an additional 2 weeks or minus 2 weeks if I need it. The first 2 weeks will be on days, the rest on nights. From what I read online, most new grads entering into a med/surg, ortho,or any type of acute care setting get at least about 3 mos. of orientation time. Is this enough orientation time?

Also, I will be required to float to rehab and will spend some orientation time there too.


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I was hired on right out of school to a ortho-uro-neuro dept. I had 5 weeks of orientation; in fact I'm starting on my own tomorrow night. However, I had previous experience on the floor because I was a student nurse 2 (which is similar to a LPN) in the same hospital and did that orientation on that floor and did my practicum for school on the floor. So, I feel as ready as I will be, but understand how someone fresh would need/want more orientation.

A couple of weeks ago a nurse that had been there less than a year mentioned some kind of error she made on some paperwork that had to be corrected. An old-timer said "You're still within your 5 yr period, so you're excused." I really think how many weeks orientation isn't as important as whether you have people on your floor that will help you survive that first year...first 5 yrs...will be there when you need them.


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I started my first job as a new grad on and ortho/neuro floor. I had 12 weeks of orientation, but probably could have ended a week or two early. If it's just an Ortho floor, then 4-6 weeks may be long enough. If you had to learn other stuff too like I did (Neuro) then I would think you would need double the amount of time. Goodluck!

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