Is there any value in this???


I am currently a LPN student. I recently discovered that a local community college is offering online courses through Allegra Learning Solutions (accredited by American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation).

Course overviews can be found here:

The overviews specifically mention that certain programs are targeted towards nurses of all levels (including student and LPNs). This is where it gets tricky..... I may be able to complete the certificate program, but won't be allowed to sit for the national certification until I am an RN and meet ANCC's requirements. :confused:

How valuable would it be to complete the certificate program without being able to obtain certification? How would a potential employer view this?

Any assistance/clarification would be appreciated!

Thanks! :)

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A certificate program is a specially designed compilation of courses that have been grouped together to provide a comprehensive overview of a particular topic or subject matter.

Certification is a national designation that is usually achieved by taking a national certification examination in the specific subject matter or specialty area. In order to earn certification from a nursing organization, one must hold licensure as LPN and most often RN required.

As a manager, I would be inclined to weigh a application package higher to someone who took additional courses beyond basic education requirements. To me indicates someone with passion for learning, necessary in todays ever changing world.

However, don't take these continuing education courses if it will jeopardize your study time for LPN program. Cost is another issue along with quality of material presented. If you are looking for more knowledge, I'd signup for only one course in area of interest to see if additional info is provided over and above what you received in your LPN program.

Good luck in what you decide.

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