Is your tuition funded by your employer?


Hello everyone,

I am currently finishing up some prerequisites to get into nursing school this fall. My employer has been helping me to pay for my tuition and books, but am contracted to work for them after I graduate nursing school. The thing is, I am not sure that I will be able to continue working for my employer once I get into nursing school. I am not sure if I should just suck it up and continue to work part time (24 hrs/week) while trying to juggle school, or if I should just quit work entirely.

Are there anyone else who is going through the same thing as I am? I am currently living with my family and have no big expenses or bills to pay for, except car payments and insurance. For anyone who has elected to quit work or are fortunate enough to be able to, how have you guys been able to make it work despite the temporary loss of income?


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I start nursing school this winter. My employer will be paying tuition and books in exchange for a 2 year work contract after graduating. I have been working prn there for the last yr and a half and come winter I'm stepping down to a permenant weekend position. Fortunatly, my job is open weekends, if yours is,maybe see if you can try to work then. My coworker whom I'm replacing for the weekend shift is starting her preceptorship. After talking with her, she told me there was no way she could have made it work with school and work in the same day, too much to do. But I have spoken with others that have made it work, albeit they were married and could afford to step down to one income.


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Thanks a lot for your comment hannahjean5! You have helped me to see that with some really smart planning and time management, working while going through nursing school might be very plausible.