Is There Still Hope?

Is it still possible? I can't be the only one that has gone through this? Am I that much a failure? Here's what I'm going through... Students General Students Article

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Is There Still Hope?

All things were looking good, but somehow I couldn't pass NR 222, I know it is one of the easiest classes ever. I don't know what's wrong with me (Am I just now stupid?). I managed to pass the first part of patho., why can't I make it through this easy course?!

The first time I took Health and Wellness, I didn't make the 76% test average in order to pass, but I was off by 3-5 points, I didn't get so bummed about it, because I saw that I did have the potential to pass. So here I go taking the class again. HOWEVER I know due to the split-up that my husband and I had, and having me and my daughter move into my parents house, it has been stressful, and I did have my depressive days. But when school started, I HAD to put my emotional feelings aside.

Little did I know, even though I kept control of my emotional break-downs, it turns out it affected me through this course and the second part of Patho. which I HAD to drop. :(

I didn't drop my Health and Wellness class regardless of how bad I failed on my second test, because I had to get my GPA up, and I had to keep my financial aid.

All my hopes were going into my third test and of course the final to make this MIRACLE happen. I studied as much as I could for my third test, which was about life span, you know adolescence, young adult, middle age adult, older adult, Erickson's & Piaget's theories. Easy, piece of cake, I felt good through out the test, I didn't feel any panic.

Well... when the results came in, TO MY SURPRISE, I failed it. I just didn't understand WHY?! I didn't bother going in to review my test, to see what questions I got wrong. At this point, I was embarrassed to even go see my professor, two failed test in a row, I'm sure it would embarrass anyone. Plus there wasn't much time to review my third test, because the final was around the corner.

You bet I did EVERYTHING to study. I went in to speak to a tutor/adviser (which I wish someone would have told me about this place sooner, because it was when I went in that I realized, this is much more than just tutoring), both she and my professor recommended online practice test questions, which I did for like three days. The day before is when I gathered all my flashcards to go over and then, review it and remember.

The big day - it was time for the final. I arrived 30 mins early. I was filled with mixed emotions; I felt doubt, I felt anxious, I felt happy thinking positive thoughts, like me passing the course. And I felt blank; I focused on my breathing to calm my nerves, and to keep my mind blank, which helps.

This time during my test, what I did, before looking at my answers, I broke the question down; I defined keywords, and compared my answers to the choices. Again I wish I could have gone to these tutor advisers sooner. I may not have passed my course by 5-8 points, but I did pass my final test. It didn't matter to me, the most important thing that I needed, which was to pass the course, was not met.

I never felt like dying, if I wasn't officially depressed, once I got the news I definitely was. I cried for a couple days, I knew I had lost my financial aid, and what got me the most was that I have received a dismissal letter, that I keeping high high hopes, that it does get appealed.

I've never been so down in my life. I feel like all hope is lost, I just begun my future, and for it to get taken. Please tell me there is someone out there who has been in my similar situation.

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I haven't been in your situation but don't give up... You will make it!!!

Hi there, I am sorry to hear about all of these struggles! If your track record up through now was good and it was just this one class that was problematic, I would consider appealing the dismissal. When you have personal or health issues it is very difficult to put your full attention on school, especially nursing school. It is important to reach out for help--tutoring, speaking with the professor, getting counseling to work through difficulty situations AND if possible reducing the class work load to a more manageable (although temporary level). Many students don't want to risk dropping below a certain status due to financial aid, but if you don't make the required progress academically, you've essentially lost those funds. I would try to appeal---show proof that you have things together and can do the work. Definitely seek help through counseling or a hot line (1 (800) 273-8255) if you every feel like you might consider hurting yourself.

Good luck!


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I appreciate the advice and the encouragement!

Of course I allowed myself to gather myself together, and letting bad news pass. I did appeal, however I got denied, unfortunately. They told me that perhaps the fast track program isn't good for me, as the courses will begin getting more difficult.

I felt embarrassed, I didn't want to tell anyone, but I don't know why I would think that my family was not going to be supportive. Thankfully I found other post of those in my shoes, who HAVE made it through. And I will not give up.

Thank you!

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