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Is it really worth it?


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As some of you might have seen from my previous posts, I'm not a nurse (MA) and I'm new to the medical field. I have two jobs. One I really love, but it's an as needed job. I may only work a few times a month, but I get to travel and sometimes I work over 12 hours in one day. I wish this was a full time job. I'm actually working this weekend and I can't wait!

My other job is part time and I work a few days a week. I work with a doctor and another MA. For the past couple weeks, I've been asked to come in only 2 days a week which is a problem because I'm loosing 8 hours of work and I need as many hours as I can since I'm planning to go to PA school which requires a certain number of clinical hours. I also have bills to pay, so money is a factor, too.

I have not brought this up to my boss and I'm not sure how to in a professional manner. Should I politely ask if I'll only be working 2 days a week from now on? I was given a reason as to why I'm only working 2 days. The doctor is working/teaching my co-worker about billing and coding and doesn't feel it's necessary I learn it since those tasks were not assigned to me. (I'm in charge of clinicals)

Since I'm part time, I don't get benefits, so I've been thinking of looking for another job. I have not been there a year and I really wanted to make it to the one year mark so I don't look like a job jumper, which is in 3 months. I have a year with my other job and I'm not planning on leaving that one anytime soon.

I need advice. If anyone thinks I should talk to my boss about my hours, how do I do so in a professional manner? And, is it too soon for me to start looking elsewhere (I've been there 9 months)?

I made a big mistake a few weeks ago. See my other post "The time I (almost) got fired" if you want to know what happened. But I think I'm coming back from it. The doctor said I had a better week, but I feel tense 24/7 afraid I'm gonna mess up again and get fired.

Sounds like if the MD is teaching someone billing/coding it will be a time limit involved. I am sure the MD can't possibly stay closed/limit hours forever. So I would see how it plays out. If you are working 2 days a week a month from now, then that would be an issue that needs to be addressed.

The job you love--have you approached them about full time or more part time?

By the time you polish up your resume, get out a cover letter, research where you are able to send your resume, it will more than likely be at the almost year mark. I would start looking now.

I would also think about an EMT course. It is relatively quick (some quicker than others) and that would also give you another avenue for clinical hours for you to be able to apply to PA school. Plus, give you another avenue for bill paying. There are many, many ambulance companies who give tuition reimbursement as well, along with benefits.

I would start being proactive now, as to insure that you can work the most you can. Playing around with the weird dynamics at the MD office is only going to drive you nuts.


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Thank you for your reply. The job I love can't be more part-time or full-time because it only occurs a couple times a month for all of the employees. This job is not at a MD office or hospital. It is PHA with the military and events don't occur that often. Each month I apply for the events I want to work and hope I get staffed.

I will take your advice and see what happens with the schedule. I could use my extra time off looking for another job and/or into EMT courses.